Why are tattoos farther from the heart harder to remove?

Professional tattooists apply the ink in layers, so the ink needs to be Tattoo removal multiple times. Because the laser breaks the ink pigment into smaller particles, your body needs some time to remove the ink between treatments. People respond differently to laser treatment, so in some cases, the tattoo may take longer to fade than in others. More and more laser treatments are always needed, and in many cases it is impossible to completely remove the tattoo, especially for multi-layered and re-tattooed tattoos.

The number of laser sessions required to erase a tattoo is determined individually. It depends on many factors such as the colors involved, layering, pre-existing scars, and the size and color of the clients’ skin. In both cases, the tattoo requires multiple procedures and multiple visits.

Sunburn can make the process painful, and tanning can make tattoo pigments more difficult to remove, because dark skin absorbs laser light instead of directing all energy to the tattoo. The tattoo can heal smoothly, but the response to laser removal is still poor. First, lasers can cause permanent scars and skin discoloration, and these tattoos may not be tattooed (except in obvious ways, of course). Some people who have undergone laser removal experience significant discomfort, while others say it is comparable to the original tattoo.

In addition, it takes time for the body to recover from the process, and trying to synchronize treatment too closely can actually lead to over-treatment, leading to unnecessary side effects. For effective removal, you need to give your body the time and sequence of treatment it needs.

The immune system will be activated by laser treatment, and the laser tattoo removal process relies on white blood cells to carry away the particles created by the laser. Since tattoo removal depends on your immune system to remove the tiny colored particles created by the laser, the stronger your immunity, the more effective the treatment.

This is why multiple lasers are needed to successfully remove a multi-colored tattoo – another reason to seek treatment from an experienced doctor. “If laser removal is done correctly, you should see about 90 percent of the space on the tattoo,” says the doctor. Anolic.

Old and amateur (“poke”) tattoos are easier to remove than new tattoos. Pure black tattoos are the easiest to remove because black pigments absorb laser light more easily than most other colors. In addition, because black is the easiest color to remove, a completely black tattoo, with a lower fade or density, will be removed faster than other tattoos.

Small tattoos are technically painful to remove as the laser settings reflect the color of the tattoo, not the size. However, after surgical removal, a scar will remain, which is why it is usually preferred for small tattoos.

There are several ways to remove a tattoo from the skin, but laser removal is the most effective and by far the most popular method. Thanks to the latest technology, laser tattoo treatments have become much more effective, with a very low risk of scarring (again, if you use a trusted provider).

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