Are Fake Plants Good Feng Shui?

The easiest way to anchor wood is to use healthy, living plants. If you are in low light conditions or have a brown thumb, then silk flower plants are a good substitute. Many people prefer living plants, but artificial green plants are also a suitable option.

If you have live plants that do not thrive in space, consider replacing them with artificial ones. In this way, the goal is to generate a positive energy (風水) and enjoy the space and not spend all the time reviving dying plants.

According to 風水 expert Louis Loh, houseplants are good for 風水, but there are a few things you can do and donts to ensure you maintain positive energy in your home. The location of plants can improve 風水 in rooms where natural light is lacking. Plants release carbon dioxide at night, and Loh points out that having plants in the bedroom is worse for health than in the living room.

Placing plants and flowers in the kitchen can help to increase energy in key areas of your home and attract promising chi energy. As an additional benefit for emphasizing the energy balance in our habitats, I believe that there is no better way to complement the principles of interior design and feng shui than to use plants. Plants can not only improve the aesthetics of the room, but also invite the energy of nature into your home or office.

風水 changes act like acupuncture in your home, unlock the flow of energy and allow you to realize your dreams in your dream home. Based on ancient Chinese practice, modern 風水 offers practical and common sense instructions on where furniture and objects are put and how colors are used. If you want to learn more about Feng Shui tips and the plant aspect, you must watch this video, which covers 8 風水 tips for the positive aspects of your life. These fake plants may not be living, but they give a sense of beauty, color and positivity in your bedroom that will improve your mood.

Allison’s foyer symbolises the opposite message, which ignores her wealth. She appreciates artistic talent, but she doesn’t like the image of Georgia Oakeefea’s skull. Look around her house and find out how she fell victim to a common decoration flaw.

The main reason why feng shui plants and flowers are introduced into living spaces is largely their perspective on natural wood and the elemental energy they bring. The strength they bring to certain places makes light and colour an indispensable combination. Allison chooses a lot of sunny, hot colors for the bedroom that fit her Southwestern-style home.

For example, if the living room or outdoor terrace is to the east of the house, the presence of plants and flowers brings wood energy, which promotes happiness and health aspects. Plastic plants bring energy from plastic, but they are not the sixth element of feng shui. This means that if you intend to attract potted plants to your home to create a wood energy resource, the placement of plastic plants will not have any effect on your home.

Make sure you have the right environment and time before bringing in plants to your space to keep them healthy. If you want to promote a good feng shui energy it is best to avoid pointed and prickly plants such as cacti. When you debate between real and fake plants, choose the right thing for your lifestyle. Remember that the intention of the fake plants is to support your life more than the actual energy they emit.

It is preferable to use live green plants for feng shui applications, but my teacher taught me that artificial green plants are acceptable. I believe that it is better to have a realistic fake plant than a dying real one. High-quality fake plants look realistic, but if you touch them, you confirm that they are fake.

Plants with soft, round leaves are good because they promote gentle, nourishing energy. Do not use dried flowers, plants, herbs or decorations for feng shui because the energy is dead and ominous.

Many 風水 followers support the idea of real plants and recommend artificial plants. However, if artificial plants are used instead of flowers, fruits and vegetables, people will confuse the Feng – Shui taboo of dried flowers, plants and herbs with false ones. The good news is that you can use silk and other fake flowering plants, fruits and vegetables.

Attention and care are required when replenishing fresh fruits, caring for living green plants, cultivating desired qualities and strengthening the intention and effect of 風水 adaptations. Many 風水 devotees are not wrong that the beauty and energy of real plants compensate for that of false plants. By choosing the right Fang Shui for artificial plants, positive energy is attracted and annoying negative energy is kept away.

A dying or dried plant will not bring happiness to a household. That being said, fake plants in low-light locations are fine for those with a black thumb.

I am not in favour of removing all living plants, flowers and trees from your environment. However, there is a growing trend among households to keep a number of fake plastic plants in the house to enhance aesthetic peace. The following list of items reminds you of what you should avoid having in your home.

Feed yourself by practicing 風水 with the help of home design theory and it will help restore your sense of destiny and the meaning of the universe. Before you start practising 風水, be aware that it is a spiritual discipline that is understood through its Bagua, which is understood through its elements.

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